What would Kun do?

🌧️ Meet Wu, a grumpy creature with a strange cloud hovering above his head.

Wu’s negative attitude and difficult experiences have left him isolated and unable to see beyond his own frustrations. However, everything changes when he crosses paths with Kun, a remarkable creature known for his kindness and strength.

Kun’s heart, filled with joy and compassion, becomes a guiding light for Wu, inspiring him to reevaluate his actions and perspectives.

As Wu embarks on a journey of self-discovery, guided by the simple yet profound question, “What would Kun do?” he experiences a remarkable transformation. The strange cloud above Wu’s head begins to lift, making way for a brighter, happier life. Wu learns the invaluable lessons of embracing positivity and empathy.

This short book is an inspiration for young readers to navigate their own challenges with kindness, and resilience.

Paperback: 29 pages
E-book: file size 4691 KB


“What would Kun do?” beautifully captures the transformative power of positive choices and serves as a beacon of encouragement for readers of all ages.

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Especially for you, we prepared an excerpt from the book. Look, read the first pages and see if you like the story! 😊

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