Treasure box with Fluffy postcard

Treasure Boxes

The concept of treasure often transcends gold and jewels. But children possess an ability to find wonder in the simplest of things, turning ordinary items into prized possessions. For children, every pebble, feather, or shiny wrapper holds a world of sentimental value. These seemingly mundane items become vessels for memories, each carrying a story or a moment that made them special. And a treasure box allows kids to safeguard these memories and revisit them whenever they desire.

When we reach adulthood we often forget about this habit. Wouldn’t it be good to all of us to be able to reenter the magical realm of kids’ treasure boxes — a special space where these cherished trinkets find a home?

A treasure box is a canvas for imagination. It becomes a pirate’s chest, a secret portal, or a dragon’s lair in the vivid narratives of a child’s mind. This imaginative play not only entertains but also nurtures creativity and storytelling skills. Also, through their treasure boxes, kids begin to grasp the concept of value — not just in monetary terms but in the emotional attachment they assign to certain items.

This early understanding lays the foundation for appreciating sentiment over materialism. That, for sure, is a good thing to think about even being 100+ years old!

A treasure box of one of our readers, with Fluffy’s postcard.