Summer: celebration of friendship!

As the warm summer days roll in, there is no better time to celebrate the joys of friendship.

Friendship is especially relevant during the summer, a season often filled with outdoor activities, community events, and opportunities to connect with others. It is a perfect time to reflect on the importance of friendship and the joy that comes from celebrating our differences.

Curious Hari and the power of acceptancefollows the adventures of a young elephant named Hari, whose insatiable curiosity leads him to explore the diverse world around him. Through his adventures, Hari meets new friends from diverse backgrounds, each with unique perspectives. He also rediscovers his old friendship with Cobi!

The central theme of “Curious Hari…” is the power of acceptance. Hari learns that while we may all be different, it is these very differences that make our friendships so special. By celebrating what makes each of us unique, we create a world where everyone can live together.

“Curious Hari” reminds us that when we approach the world with curiosity and an open heart, we can build strong, meaningful connections that transcend our differences. This summer let us celebrate the power of acceptance and the joy of friendship, just like Hari.

Happy reading and happy summer! We hope this story inspires you to explore, accept, and cherish the wonderful diversity of our world.

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A surprising blast from the past


I’ve had the pleasure of reading through Fluffy’s adventures, and it definitely took me on a nostalgia trip many years back, when my younger self imagined their own teddy bear going on adventures and experiencing the world together with them 🙂

The stories are short, simple and to the point – with valuable lessons for children to take away from them. Highly recommended!


Because it’s OK to be different!


I loved Hari and her friends from the very beginning. They wonderfully show that the fact that we are different from each other does not mean anything bad. On the contrary! Each character brings significant value to the team. It explains personal diversity to children in a wonderful and simple way. A big plus for colorful and charming drawings. I will come back to the stories often.


Cute book with important messages


When you pick up the book, you can immediately feel that the author put her whole heart into it. It is filled to the brim with short stories from the life of the main character – Fluffy the Teddy Bear. Every adventure ends with an important message (for children and not only). All stories are decorated with charming pictures. I highly recommend it!


A beautiful story about friendship, understanding, and celebrating differences


“Curious Hari and the Power of Acceptance” is a great book about friendship and understanding. I loved reading about Hari, Cobi, and their friends. Each character brings their own perspective, allowing readers to see the world through different eyes. Their adventure teaches us that being different is okay, and that understanding and kindness are important.

I felt many emotions while reading this book. There were moments of pure joy, laughter, and even a few tears. It’s a story that stays in your heart and makes you think about the importance of friendship and being kind to others. Shared experiences and conversations truly underscore the idea that life’s purpose revolves around togetherness, support, and showing kindness.

Hari’s questions about the world and helpful answers that book provides made the story very relatable. The book teaches us that we should listen, and be kind to everyone, no matter how different they are from us.

It’s a book that I recommend everyone should read. The writing is easy to read, and I think the pictures in the book complement the story wonderfully! :).


Charming stories, just a splash of color away…


The book is packed with numerous delightful stories that capture the imagination. While the stories themselves are engaging and heartwarming, I found myself wishing for drawings in color. The black and white illustrations, although charming, didn’t quite capture the vibrancy and magic of Fluffy’s world as I had hoped. A splash of color would have truly brought the characters and settings to life. However, despite this minor drawback, the book still offers great value with its vast collection of stories. Each tale takes Fluffy on a different adventure, filled with valuable life lessons and plenty of laughs along the way.