Muffin Team for Primary School Kids

The Muffin Team had the pleasure of creating a special video for a school meeting, for the bright and curious kids in classes 1-3. Our goal was to introduce them to two of our beloved books: “Fluffy the Teddy Bear” and “Curious Hari”.

In our video, we didn’t just talk about the stories themselves; we also shared the fascinating journey of how these books came to be. We also highlighted the artistic side of book creation. Our team members discussed how they learned to draw the characters.

Our hope is that this video not only introduces the children to our stories but also inspires them to explore their own creativity. Whether it’s writing their own tales or drawing their favorite characters, we want to encourage every child to discover the joy of storytelling and the magic of reading.

It was an absolute joy to create this video! We can’t wait to see what these young minds will create in the future.

Thank you to the school for this wonderful opportunity to connect with such an enthusiastic and imaginative audience.