Love of reading: free books for all

We noticed a long time ago that local communities are enhancing their neighborhoods by setting up small, local outside libraries near playgrounds, benches or on the route from work, school or shop to home. It is all to encourage book exchanges and allow all minds to discover the wonders of literature for free.

These tiny outdoor libraries where people can freely exchange books are an excellent idea. Inspired by the concept of sharing, we decided to dedicate a few dozen of our books for kids and share them for free. We are currently doing this in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Brussels. More cities soon 🙂

Seeing people come together to share their passion for reading is heartening. If you ever find yourself in our neighborhood, stroll to the local playgrounds and discover the magic of these outside libraries. Feel free to browse the shelves, exchange a book, or enjoy a quiet escape with a good read.

In a world bustling with technology, there’s something magical about the written word in the form of a printed book and the joy it brings to our lives.

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