Free books in local libraries

At Muffin Books, our mission is to make literature accessible to everyone. This is why we have distributed another batch of free books across small local outdoor libraries in the Netherlands!

These charming little libraries, also known as minibiebs, are sprinkled throughout our communities. By leaving these books in minibiebs, we hope to spread love of reading and bring neighbors together through the shared joy of discovering new stories.

This latest collection includes free printed books of “Fluffy the Teddy Bear” and “What would Kun do”.

We invite you to visit these outdoor libraries, take free books home, and perhaps leave one of your own for someone else to enjoy. By participating in this initiative, you help create a literate community where stories are shared and cherished.

More about local outdoor libraries read here: 📖💪🌇🎀📚 Our book you can buy on Amazon. Here is our profile (click!).

Thank you for supporting Muffin Books.

Happy reading!