Curious Hari and the power of acceptance

🐘In this tale, we follow the curious creature named Hari as he looks for the purpose of everything. Along his quest for answers, Hari finds himself surrounded by a delightful cast of characters who become his newfound friends. Together, they engage in thought-provoking conversations and share extraordinary experiences, leading them to a profound realization: the purpose of life lies in the bonds we forge, the kindness we show, and the love we share.

This story is an ideal choice for anyone who values the importance of friendship, compassion, and empathy. Its message resonates with readers, young and old, reminding us all that love and friendship are the truest purposes of our lives.

Paperback: 23 pages
Hardcover: 77 pages (very large print!)
E-book: file size 3443 KB

This book is perfect for children aged 6 to 10. Its big letters and colorful illustrations ignite young readers’ imaginations, drawing them into a world where differences are celebrated, kindness prevails, and the true purpose of life is revealed.

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Are you curious to discover what awaits you in the pages of “Curious Hari and the power of acceptance”? We’re excited to share a sneak peek with you! 

In this excerpt, you meet Hari and Cobi as they start their journey. It is the first chapter of the four-chapter story, so more awaits you. Enjoy! 

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