The benefits of adults reading children’s books

Discover the fascinating article that explores the allure of children’s books for adults.

The piece challenges the conventional notion of solely pursuing increasingly complex literature as adults, emphasizing the potential loss of the world found within children’s fiction. It warns against discarding these literary gems, as they possess a distinct magic that can be appreciated with an adult perspective.

The renowned poet WH Auden asserted that while there are books exclusively for adults, no truly exceptional books are solely intended for children.

The article advocates for moments in life when immersing oneself in children’s literature becomes indispensable. It is offering a unique experience akin to rediscovering the insatiable curiosity and immersive joy of reading as a child.

Delve into this thought-provoking article. Embark on a journey through dark tunnels with hobbits and stand defiantly in front of oncoming trains, as you step into an infinite space known only to those who read alone.

I still read Paddington when I need to believe, as Michael Bond does, that the world’s miracles are more powerful than its chaos.

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Source: BBC.

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